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Who knows what time it is?

Happy Monday, students! Today we will try to do some catching up to get ready for progress reports next week! Be sure to have: Blog Post #4 & #5 Wattpad Thanksgiving story Turned in Edmodo assignments for project Project materials

Three Simple Tasks…

All right, students! We are going to try to get three simple things out of the way before Thanksgiving holidays are upon us. Monday – Wattpad – Short Story Thanksgiving Contest – write a 500 word story on what you are most thankful for (6th Graders will write 250 words and turn in through Edmodo) … Continue reading

Time to be Thankful…

Today, we will have a relaxed day, since the NASCAR field trip is tomorrow, and we don’t want to get too far ahead of the other classes. So we will be working on side-projects. Blog Post #5 is due Wattpad Contest – Write a short story about giving thanks or what you are thankful for. … Continue reading

Back on the Bus…

Today, Roy gets some bad news. He has to ride the bus again. You know what that means. We will be reading Chapter 8 today, where we will find out about Roy’s bus ride and some more information about the construction troubles. You will answer your “Discuss It” question for the day. Also, we are … Continue reading

Truth or Consequences

Today we will be reading about the consequences of our actions. Read along as Roy and Officer Delinko go through their separate troubled lives and find out if they will finally cross paths. We will be reading Chapter 6 and 7 today and answering our “Discuss It” question for the day. We may also go … Continue reading

WHO (are you)?

Students, today we will be getting deeper into our mystery story. We will be reading chapter four and (hopefully) chapter 5. We will find out more about the elusive creatures living on the construction site, watch as Officer Delinko gets frustrated, and see Roy confront his bully once again. When we have finished reading, we … Continue reading