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It’s a RAP! Oops! I mean WRAP!

Hello students, today we will be using our block time to finish up what we started working on earlier this week, 8th Graders: Reading aloud or in groups pg. 64-72 “Clean Sweep” in your online textbook Complete Edmodo assignment on “Clean Sweep” Research Project pg. 73 – Science class crossover – visit the “Research Center” … Continue reading

Trash or Treasure Part 2

Students, today we will continue what we started yesterday. Turn in Wattpad “Fail Party” Story and Blog Post #2 Complete Web on pg. 62 – write it in your composition book Read pg. 63 Read “Clean Sweep” on page 64 in your online book Complete Edmodo assignment for “Clean Sweep” 6th Graders: (Same as Yesterday) … Continue reading

Trash or Treasure?

Show Blog Post #2 Show Wattpad fiction assignment Complete Trash or Treasure web on page 62 in your online textbook – write this in your Composition Book Read about Conflict and Context Clues on pg. 63 Reading “Clean Sweep” on pg. 64-72 Answer questions on Edmodo – you can answer them directly on the page … Continue reading

Weekly Wrap-up!

Greetings, students! Today we will be wrapping up this week’s activities. Complete “Ransom of Red Chief” Turn in assignment on Edmodo Complete and check Blog Post #2 Wattpad – Write a story about a party that went bad 6th Graders: Complete “Boar out There” on Edmodo if you haven’t already Discuss Blog Topics Sign up … Continue reading

Best Laid Plans Part II

Students, today we will be continuing with our discussion of failing to plan, or “what could possibly go wrong?” We will briefly discuss your results from yesterday’s composition book activity, then read in your online book “The Ransom of Red Chief” pg. 48.   You will complete your Edmodo assignment on this story in class … Continue reading

The Best Laid Plans

Students, today we are going to be reading about what happens when things don’t go according to plan. You will work with your computer partner to make a list in your composition book like the one on page 46 in your online textbook. We will discuss your results with the class. If time permits, we … Continue reading

Round ’em Up!!!

Students, we have a lot to do at the end of this week! Review “The Elevator” for a quiz Complete Wattpad 9/11 assignment and be graded Reading Assignment in Online Text: “Raymond’s Run” “Hand in” first Edmodo assignment by Friday Second Blog Post assigned for Home Learning Edmodo assignment on “Raymond’s Run” also for Home … Continue reading

9/11 Memorial

Students, today, 9/12/2012, you will finish up with this assignment from yesterday. You must have at LEAST 5 authors (your classmates) including yourself. Also, remember that the Edmodo Scavenger Hunt was extended until Friday 9/14! Students, today you will make your own memorial for September 11. This can be shared with your family and friends. … Continue reading

What a story!

Students, this week you will be studying plot. The plot is the events in a story. The plot of a GOOD story follows a certain pattern. In your online book, read pages 22-26. Draw the mountain diagram in your composition notebook and label it. Read the instructions for discussion on page 22 and be prepared … Continue reading

Let’s go on a Scavenger Hunt!

Students, today you will be signing up for your Edmodo account and going on a textbook scavenger hunt. First go to Then you will click “I’m a Student” Enter your Class Code: Period: 72wxg8 59vi37 e184ub pno64e qxo9dk u6i9e7 Fill in the rest of the required information. Then you will be able to see … Continue reading