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Wrap up all the things

Students, today we will try to get caught up with everything. We had a rough week since I was out for three days, so we need to get caught up with grading and everything. Plus, some of you are convinced the world is going to end this Friday, so we had better get busy! Check … Continue reading

And I Quote…

What do you see in the picture above? What on earth does this have to do with our novel? You need to be able to relate seemingly unrelated things. As you will write later, this book has several themes. One of the themes is illustrated above. Can you guess what that theme is? Students, today … Continue reading

Give a Hoot Reboot

Good day, students! Today we will get back into our mystery story featuring Roy and Beatrice. Daily Grammar assignment #38 Reading Hoot Chapter 11 Discuss It question for the day + PEER EDITING

Time to show off!

Students, today we will be working on “portfolios”. I need some examples of your work to show the principal, and we will put your examples in your class folder. You will need the following: Cover page – Portfolio #1 – Name, Mr. Hays Language Arts, Per. # Peer-editing from your Composition Book. Must be edited … Continue reading