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Excuse me, there’s a gator in the bathroom!

Students, today things get a little crazy in our mystery story! We will be reading chapter 3 of Hoot and completing your Discuss It question for the day. Remember, the Discuss It is for a grade and depends on you writing a full paragraph or more AND having your partner “peer-edit” using the proofreading symbols. … Continue reading

Do you give a Hoot?

UPDATED 10/24/12 Students, today we will be starting our novel Hoot by Carl Hiaasen. We will be using the novel to work through FCAT benchmarks and to become more environmentally conscious. We will have a project that goes along with this novel as well. For the project you will need: Poster board Scissors Glue stick … Continue reading

It’s a Mystery!

Students, today we will be reading another in our mystery series. Actually, both sixth and eighth grade alike should enjoy this tale. It comes from a local writer named Carl Hiaasen, and it even features a movie at the end if we are really good about our reading assignments! So, let’s get things started with … Continue reading

A Delicious Wrap!

Students, today we will be wrapping up the week with a mouth-watering helping of drama! Complete presentation of “The Hitchhiker” Compare and Contrast assignment on Edmodo Present Dust Mites on screen Blog Post #4 Graded and start Blog Post #5 FCAT Explorer Passwords Does there need to be anything else? 6th Graders – We will … Continue reading

Seeing is Believing: Part 2

UPDATED: Today we will be performing. Know what your section is and be ready to present with your partner! Students, today we will be putting our reading skills together with our dramatic presentation skills! We will be working in our groups to “act out” certain sections of the play with your partner. The story starts … Continue reading

Seeing is Believing

Students, today we will talk about the unexplained. As in the illusion above, sometimes our eyes play tricks on us. Sometimes there are things you can’t easily explain. In your pairs, you will discuss the topic and we will begin working on “The Hitchhiker”. With your partner, complete the “Discuss” on pg. 86 of your … Continue reading

Let’s Do This!

UPDATED UPDATED!!! Since one student submitted, I have found out the answer to my question. Your essay should be about the prompt only – THEN you write the “why I deserve this scholarship” part on a separate place when you go to submit your essay. So that part can be just a paragraph. UPDATED: Students, … Continue reading

The Truth about Columbus

Students, today you are going to do a cross-curricular assignment with U.S. History. Many of you know about Christopher Columbus. We have a national holiday to celebrate his honor every year. Did you notice where you are today? You are in school! If it’s a holiday, then why is that? Well, today, you will learn … Continue reading

Don’t be afraid…

Students, turn out the lights, it’s time for a fright…¬†We will be reading “The Tell-Tale Heart” by Edgar Allan Poe. Finish Powerpoint project – last chance! Finish Blog Post #3 Review your activity on “Suspicion” from earlier in the week Reading “The Tell-Tale Heart” pg. 78-84 Complete Socrative Quiz Work on your Scary Story Contest … Continue reading

Rainy days = Block Schedule

Students, we need to rearrange things a little this week because of the rain. Most likely, we will have 1-6 Wednesday and Thursday and be back on block 2,4,6 on Friday. If so, we will see this post again on Friday. Since we have an early block, though, let’s work on some of our wrap … Continue reading