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Do the Write Thing!

Students, we know you have done a lot of writing recently, but here’s one more thing to work on. We are going to pick a winner to be submitted to the “Do the Write Thing” challenge, so you will be working on your entries today. The deadline is March 8, so don’t waste time. See … Continue reading

Down to the (Common) Core

Good day students! Today and the rest of this week we will be starting to explore the Common Core Curriculum in more detail. Today in particular we will be looking at one of the older FCAT standards – Identify Organization of Ideas (L.A. – In the Interactive Reader and Writer, you will be working in … Continue reading

Anchors Aweigh!

UPDATE 2/19/2013 – Look at the “Essay Writing” tab above to find your new essay prompt. Greetings everybody! Today we are going to start refining our essays. Most of you seem to grasp the concept of the essay itself, but we need to work on adding things like sentence variety FIRE details transitions strong intro … Continue reading

Calling for submissions!

Edit: 2/11/2013 – Today I need to see your submissions on the Essay Smart site. You will have some time to finish up and submit your work. Do not leave the Scoring Page until I have recorded your grade. Hello students! Today we are going to continue with our Digital Learning Experience. We have the … Continue reading

Let’s go digital…

Ok, well we already are pretty digital, but this is neat! Today is Digital Learning Day ( so we are going to show off some of our digital muscle: Daily Grammar Assignment – Lesson 48 – Post your Reply – Click right up there where it says “Leave a Comment” – Discuss Digital Learning … Continue reading

Let’s Compare…

Good day, students!┬áToday we will be honing some of our essay writing skills by comparing and contrasting. You will be using a Venn Diagram like the one pictured, or you may use a variation of that, like three columns or boxes instead of circles. Your assignment: In your Composition Book, make a Venn Diagram comparing … Continue reading