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Good Luck…

Students, today we will be continuing our unit on “Superstition” and working in the FCAT Benchmark – locate, use, and analyze specific information from organizational text features Complete KWL Chart on pg. 74 Reading Earrings, Ghostlights, and Rally Caps pg. 75 and “Spooky Myths Busted” pg. 78 Socrative Quiz from “Monkey’s Paw” and “Ghostlights” … Continue reading

Very Superstitious…

Hello students! Today we are going to be talking about superstition and working on our FCAT Benchmarks. You will be wrapping up your work on Text Features and beginning on Benchmark L.A. Locate and analyze elements of characterization, setting, and plot, including rising action, conflict, resolution, theme, and other literary elements as appropriate in a … Continue reading

Now Featuring…

So why do students have such a problem with the benchmark concerning “Text Features”? Well, we are going to work on that a bit this week. Read in your groups – Workbook pg. 48-53 Answer all the margin questions in your Composition Notebook Take a Socrative Quiz on the two stories Complete Study Island activities … Continue reading

Continue Touring the Islands…

Hello students! Today we will keep on with Study Island. See the previous post for instructions. Some of your passwords and sign-in names may be different, so you will need to see the password list. There are new criteria for passing your Study Island exercises: Minimum 20 questions for each activity Maximum 50 questions for … Continue reading

Let’s Go to the Islands

Study Island, that is! Students, today you will start using Study Island to help reinforce your FCAT and Common Core benchmarks. Go to Login with your lastname@JFK Password is your ID number with no zeroes in front Complete the Pre-Test for reading

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