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This is only a test…

UPDATED: See below Students, this week we will be working on our Baseline assessment. In 8th grade, we will be using paper and pencil (Oh, no!) – but in 7th grade you will test on the computer (Yay, Paper-Free!). We will also be working on our baseline essay tests. I will provide paper for you … Continue reading

Friday, Friday!!!

Good day, students! Today, we will be wrapping up the week’s activities. Your job will be to make sure you have: account Online book and Essay Smart activated Wattpad Account Composition Book (with numbered pages) We will be finishing with the two preview stories in your literature book if we have time in class. … Continue reading

Getting started with the Literature book!

Greetings, students! Today we are going to be working with your literature book. You will need to go to the page titled “Online Book and Essay Smart signup” to access it, or you may be able to go through your student portal. Once you have accessed the online text, become familiar with the layout and … Continue reading

Welcome back to school!

Welcome, students! I hope you all had a fantastic summer vacation. This year we are going to try something new in my class. I hope you’re ready! In the interest of the environment and preparing you for the future, it is my goal to make my class “paper free”. So why is there a picture … Continue reading

Welcome to the Paper-Free Class Experiment!

Hello students! This year we are going to try an experiment to see how much of our classwork we can do without traditional classroom tools. We are going to use technology as much as possible. This will require a great deal of effort, discipline, and adjustment on your part to make it work. We are … Continue reading