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Getting started with the Literature book!

Greetings, students! Today we are going to be working with your literature book. You will need to go to the page titled “Online Book and Essay Smart signup” to access it, or you may be able to go through your student portal.
Once you have accessed the online text, become familiar with the layout and the different units by browsing the beginning pages of the book – namely pages FL9-FL34 (8th Grade) and FL9-FL32 (7th and 6th Grade). Think about how the book is laid out. Why do you think it is arranged this way? What is FL32-33 (8th Grade)and FL30-31 (7th and 6th Grade) about?

Why do we have a special section for Florida?

Read FL35-FL39 (8th Grade) and FL33-FL37 (7th and 6th Grade). What is the main idea of the information covered here?

We will read “A Place in the Sun” (8th) and “Gertrude Ederle” (7th) and “The Ultimate Fish” (6th) together in our groups. Be prepared to answer questions about what you have learned today on Socrative.


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