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Trash or Treasure Part 2

Students, today we will continue what we started yesterday.

  1. Turn in Wattpad “Fail Party” Story and Blog Post #2
  2. Complete Web on pg. 62 – write it in your composition book
  3. Read pg. 63
  4. Read “Clean Sweep” on page 64 in your online book
  5. Complete Edmodo assignment for “Clean Sweep”

6th Graders: (Same as Yesterday)

  1. Finish/Show your Edublogs Post #1
  2. Read pg. 30 in your online text
  3. Class discussion – which is the worst fear of the class?
  4. Create the chart in your Composition Book and fill it out
  5. Reading pg. 31 – Plot
  6. Begin reading “The School Play” pg. 32
  7. Answer questions in Edmodo based on this story


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