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Time to show off!

Students, today we will be working on “portfolios”. I need some examples of your work to show the principal, and we will put your examples in your class folder. You will need the following:

  1. Cover page – Portfolio #1 – Name, Mr. Hays Language Arts, Per. #
  2. Peer-editing from your Composition Book. Must be edited by your partner. We will make a copy with the scanner.
  3. Edmodo Report – Print out your Edmodo Progress Report
  4. *Wattpad – Go to one of your stories and print the page. Click File – Print – then choose to print only page 1 to 1
  5. FCAT Explorer report – make sure you have done at least one lesson and print out
  6. Edublogs – Print a screen shot like with Wattpad above
  7. AR Test – make sure you have taken at least ONE AR test – you do not have to print out
  8. Staple everything together

*6th graders – print out one story from Thanksgiving or Christmas, etc instead of Wattpad.



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