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Let’s Get Authorized!

And by that I mean we are going to be studying three authors in preparation for our field trip next week to the Miami Book Fair International! You will find you assignment on Edmodo, but here it is reprinted for your convenience:

You will do an author study about EACH of the following authors: Michael Buckley, Kami Garcia and Holly Black. Your author study must include the following and be attached as a Word file with each author only taking up two pages – SIX PAGES MAXIMUM:
1. Name of Author
2. Photo of author
3. Brief Biography IN YOUR OWN WORDS
4. The cover of a book you would like to read by that author
5. Tell a brief description of the book and why you would like to read it
6. Three questions you would ask this author about their life and what it is like to be an author

See the class website for instructions on “How to Turn Stuff In”


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