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Paper Slides

Edit: Paper Slides being added – see below!

No, not a playground slide… Paper Slides! The PaperFreeClass attended a digital learning conference at Miami Jackson Senior High School yesterday and got this great idea from Lance Rougeux, the keynote speaker. (The irony that we are using paper for this is not lost on me.) Students will work in their literature circles to discuss the story they are reading and create a paper slide show (storyboard, if you will). Then one group member will narrate, we will record the slide show and upload it to our youtube channel! Let’s see how this works! Look back here for updates and links (hopefully) soon!

Per. 6 – Through the Tunnel

Per. 1 – Through the Tunnel

Per. 1 – The Interlopers

Per. 1 – Charles

Per. 1 – The Monkey’s Paw

Per. 1 – Roy’s Wound

Per. 3 – Charles

Per. 3 – The Monkey’s Paw

Per. 3 – The Interlopers

Per. 3 – Roy’s Wound

Per. 5 – Charles

Per. 5 – The Interlopers

Per. 5 – The Monkey’s Paw

Per. 5 – Roy’s Wound

Per. 2 – Charles

Per. 2 – The Interlopers

Per. 2 – The Monkey’s Paw

Per. 2 – Roy’s Wound

Per. 4 – Charles

Per. 4 – The Interlopers


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