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Blues Journey

Do you think Lemon Brown might have looked something like the man above?

We are going to go on a blues journey. You will see four youtube links to blues songs that we may have heard in the class for this unit. For your home learning assignment, you should listen to the music. Do these songs fit your idea of the blues? What makes each one representative of this genre? How is the subject matter of the song appropriate to the blues? Try to form an image in your mind of what the singer looks like. Do you think he could be like Lemon Brown? What similarities and differences do you think they may have? Lemon Brown is fictitious, but these artists are real. Look up information about the artists. If we had to choose one who would represent Lemon Brown, which one would it be? Take notes on your findings on note cards (either physical or in Evernote). We will discuss your findings in class, hopefully with our first PODCAST or VLOG.

The links: – Keb Mo – Love in Vain – Robert Johnson – Crossroads – Jeff Buckley – Parchman Farm Blues – Blind Willie Johnson – Jesus Make Up My Dyin’ Bed


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