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The Podcast Returns!

This has been a rather exciting week. I have just recently started listening to a podcast by a famous comedian and reminiscing about the few episodes we did in my 8th grade class back at JFK Middle. The school year is about to start, and I want to start up again with these great kids at Ponce! The plan as of now is to try to do an episode every Friday recapping the week, the middle school experience, what is coming up, news about what is happening in school, etc. I think this will be great for IB as well, because, who knows, maybe we can get an international audience going! So, I have spent a lot of my planning time this week figuring out how to get the “podcast” to be an actual podcast. As of now, we are listed on TuneIn and Podcast Addict. There is something weird happening with Apple Podcasts where no one seems to be able to submit new podcasts for indexing, but as soon as that is fixed, I will have it listed there. In the meantime, if you have another player or the podcast app on your iPhone, you can just copy and paste this RSS feed to get subscribed and listen to some past episodes – – Since going live over the last couple of days, we have gotten 21 plays! Who is listening I wonder? I really hope the students this year respond to this idea and that we can make it work.


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