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Piano Slam is Coming!

And you thought Santa Claus coming to town was exciting! We have been super busy with @PianoSlam this year as we are now a LIVE SCHOOL! The teachers have attended some amazing workshops, and now the students are receiving workshops on writing poetry here in school. The poems are due to me by the 10th so get them turned in to Edmodo ASAP! Please DO NOT enter the contest until I look at your poem. Remember, you can enter TWO poems – one for Language Arts and one for Science. The theme this year is “My Ocean, My Music, Miami”. Remember to refer to the list of musical terms to weave into your magical lyrics! We are also going to be having a Family Night at the school in January sponsored by Piano Slam that will be free for all students and their families so look out for that. Finally, we will have a field trip in January where we will release #baydrift cards with people from with our poems written on them! Finally, the main event will be the Piano Slam concert at the Arsht Center.



One thought on “Piano Slam is Coming!

  1. I think this is a new unique art for students to get involved with. A different view at music.

    Posted by butt1forme7 | August 20, 2019, 1:06 am

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