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What a Year!

So for reasons I looked at my class website and realized it as been a FULL YEAR since I last posted! That doesn’t mean I haven’t been busy with PaperFreeClass! In fact, for a while, it was ALL Paper-Free! Shortly after my last post, we went into lockdown and the end of the 19-20 school year was something special, to say the least. Now we are back in school, trying to get back to normal with a hybrid model. The PaperFree mentality carries on. Now, my physical classes and online classes mirror each other very nicely. We are taking advantage of lots of e-learning tools, such as teams and I can finally say I am an EXPERT at using OneNote (something that took a lot of trial and error). I love that our PaperFreeClass idea has finally been put to the test. I can say that I have been teaching the entire first half of this year and have not generated ONE piece of paper for students in my class! As this year goes on, I want to thank the students for being so great and flexible with all of this. Hopefully, we will return to something resembling normal one day, but we will keep all of our PaperFree tools in place.

My Battlestation for the New Normal


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