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You have a suspicious mind…

Hello students! Today we will be talking about the feeling of suspicion. We have a few activities that are also due by the end of this week, so be sure you keep up with them.

  1. In your online book and in your composition book, complete the activity with your partner on page 76
  2. Read “Literary Analysis” on page 77
  3. Reading “The Tell Tale Heart” page 78-83
  4. Answer “Tell Tale Heart” questions on Edmodo
  5. Complete Power Point from last week (due Thurs and Fri)
  6. Blog Post #3 due this week

6th Graders: Today, we will be talking about first impressions.

  1. Complete the activity in your composition book on pg. 42 in your online text
  2. Discuss first impressions with the class
  3. Reading strategy – Connecting – pg. 43
  4. Reading “The Good Deed” pg. 44-57
  5. Compare to the poem “Pastures” pg. 58
  6. Complete Edmodo assignment for this passage


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