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Rainy days = Block Schedule

Students, we need to rearrange things a little this week because of the rain. Most likely, we will have 1-6 Wednesday and Thursday and be back on block 2,4,6 on Friday. If so, we will see this post again on Friday. Since we have an early block, though, let’s work on some of our wrap up. We will save “The Tell-Tale Heart” for when our schedule is normal again. For now, let’s work on…

  1. Finish Edmodo from last week
  2. Complete Dust Mites power point presentation
  3. Blog Post #3
  4. Wattpad – Scary story contest! Let’s see who can come up with the scariest story in the class! Whoever gets the most votes wins!

6th Graders:

  1. Finish Edmodo assignments
  2. Complete Powerpoint “Donner Party”
  3. Complete Blog Post #2
  4. Reading in Literature Book pg. 49-57 Finish “The Good Deed”
  5. Read “The Pasture” by Robert Frost pg. 58
  6. Answer questions on “The Good Deed” on Edmodo


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