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Let’s Compare…

Good day, students! Today we will be honing some of our essay writing skills by comparing and contrasting. You will be using a Venn Diagram like the one pictured, or you may use a variation of that, like three columns or boxes instead of circles. Your assignment:

  1. In your Composition Book, make a Venn Diagram comparing two of the Characters from the book Hoot. You may choose from Roy Eberhardt, Beatrice Leep, Mullet Fingers, Dana Matherson, Officer Delinko, and Curly.
  2. Next, you will plan your writing using the official JFK Middle Planning Sheet which is under the “Essay Writing” tab above.
  3. Finally, you will compose your five paragraph essay. Remember to have an introduction, three reason paragraphs, and a conclusion.
  4. Your essay should include FIRE – Facts, Incidents, Reasons, and Examples.


One thought on “Let’s Compare…

  1. I enjoy working online with my students.

    We do not lose time, we go on up to date eve when we are far from the School’s walls or classrooms.
    blogs, subjects network, several ideas have been improved since we got into our web classroom.

    Web is really a nice way to improve the knowledge and change experiences.

    Allein Stark.

    Posted by Stark | February 4, 2013, 10:36 am

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