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Ready, set, go!

Students, we have just four weeks left for this school year! We will be wrapping up our activities online, using our literature book to read the Diary of Anne Frank (and other stories in 6th and 7th grade classes), and reflecting on our year using technology in the classroom. For today’s activity, we will

  1. Complete the Quickwrite on pg. 484 in your Literature Book: “What impact will you have on the world?”
  2. Create an idea web about the Holocaust in your composition book – we will use the whiteboard to come up with ideas and add to it
  3. Begin reading “The Diary of Anne Frank” pg. 486
  4. Home Learning: Add your thoughts on the play so far to your Evernote notebook. You do not have to add it to your online portfolio yet, but you will do so later.


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