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Students, in the 8th grade we have been learning about Anne Frank and the Holocaust. Today, we are watching a film called “Anne Frank: A Legacy for Our Time”. Think about how this film gives you a different perspective on Anne Frank’s life from the Diary. Think about how this film affects your feelings about prejudice, justice, hatred, morality, and human rights. You will write a final reflection of all you have read/viewed in this unit in your Evernote portfolio.

Students in 6th and 7th grade, you have been reading about myths, legends, and folktales. Today you will view “All about Folktales: Folktale Wisdom”. Your reflection will be about the lessons taught in these stories. Think about one of the stories we read and watched and consider the lesson the story is trying to teach the reader. Write a reflection in your Evernote portfolio telling what the story was, the lesson it was teaching, and how it compares to other stories you have read.


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