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Let’s Get Different(iated)!

Students, we are approaching FCAT quickly. This is the BIG CRUNCH!

LOOK at your FCAT Reading Tracker

Pinpoint your WEAKNESS in the following areas:

Compare and Contrast Multiple Texts

Character, Plot, Setting

Figurative Language

Text Structure and Text Features

Collect, Evaluate, Summarize Information

You may also consider the other benchmarks you did for DI if you did not improve your score.

In your Composition Notebook, write the name of the benchmark you would like to FOCUS on FIRST

Individual DI Focus #1 – Compare and Contrast (for example)

We will be working individually in the FCAT Practice Books on your individual benchmark – these exercises will be done in the Composition Notebook – and monitoring progress with FCAT Focus.

Here are the alignments:

Benchmark – Workbook – FCAT Focus assignments

Text Structure/Text Features – Looking it Up Chapter 5 pg. 105 – N/A (do the activities HERE )

Compare/Contrast – Knowing the Difference pg. 31 – Compare, Contrast

Character, Plot Setting – The Plot Thickens pg. 176 – Character Development, Character Point of View, Plot Development, Setting, Conflict

Collect, Evaluate, Summarize – Looking into It pg. 131 – Analyze and Evaluate Information, Synthesizes Information (Single), Synthesizes Information (Multiple), Validity/Reliability of Information

Figurative Language – Poetry and Figurative Language pg. 137 (Green Book) – Figurative Language, Descriptive Language

SUPER SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS FOR SUPER-SPECIAL PEOPLE: You will READ through the chapter, you will WRITE relevant notes, and you will WRITE the answers to the passages – in your COMPOSITION NOTEBOOK.


2 thoughts on “Let’s Get Different(iated)!

  1. This looks hard Mr.Hays 😥

    Posted by Shantavia | March 17, 2014, 2:56 pm

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