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The Truth about Columbus

Students, today you are going to do a cross-curricular assignment with U.S. History. Many of you know about Christopher Columbus. We have a national holiday to celebrate his honor every year. Did you notice where you are today? You are in school! If it’s a holiday, then why is that? Well, today, you will learn about some of the reasons why we do not recognize Columbus day as a holiday here in Miami-Dade county. You will be completing a K-W-L chart about Christopher Columbus. So go ahead and open it in your Edmodo account and fill in at least three things you know about Columbus. Then write three things you WANT to know. When you have completed that, THEN you may start researching and trying to find out more of the truth about this historical figure. Be sure to list at least two of your web sources (in other words, put the exact web address) at the bottom of your K-W-L document.

Share your findings with the class.


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