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Let’s Do This!

Since one student submitted, I have found out the answer to my question. Your essay should be about the prompt only – THEN you write the “why I deserve this scholarship” part on a separate place when you go to submit your essay. So that part can be just a paragraph.

Students, we will continue what we started on Wednesday. You will be completing your essays for the scholarship contest and submitting them online (fingers crossed).

Then, and only then, you can work on your next blog post and scary story!

Eighth graders! I was informed about an opportunity for you to win a Four-Year Florida Pre-Paid scholarship for college! Now, whether you want to go to college or not, we are doing this as an assignment. You will have the option to submit it for the contest, but I hope you all will take advantage of it.

The rules can be found HERE:
Now, this is DUE FRIDAY so get on the ball! We will spend some time researching in class and pre-writing on Wednesday. Then you can polish your essay on Thursday and Friday for submission. Remember, you will be submitting this essay to me through Edmodo AND to the Foundation Essay Contest online.

Sixth-graders, you can write as well. Although you are not eligible for the contest, this will be a class grade for you.


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