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Seeing is Believing

Students, today we will talk about the unexplained. As in the illusion above, sometimes our eyes play tricks on us. Sometimes there are things you can’t easily explain. In your pairs, you will discuss the topic and we will begin working on “The Hitchhiker”.

  1. With your partner, complete the “Discuss” on pg. 86 of your online book
  2. In your Composition Book, make a two-column chart with unexplained events on one side – possible explanations on the other side
  3. Read about “Foreshadowing” and reading a radio play on pg. 87
  4. Begin reading “The HItchhiker” pg. 88

6th Graders: What if your whole world changed?

  1. Draw the “sketch” described on page 62 in your online textbook – draw this in your Composition Notebook
  2. Reading skills – Inferences – read page 63 in your online textbook
  3. Vocabulary – Copy vocabulary words and definitions from the story page 64-70
  4. Discussion of Key Idea and Sketch It activity



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