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Seeing is Believing: Part 2

Today we will be performing. Know what your section is and be ready to present with your partner!

Students, today we will be putting our reading skills together with our dramatic presentation skills! We will be working in our groups to “act out” certain sections of the play with your partner. The story starts on page 88 in your online textbook. Here are the sections of “The Hitchhiker” that you will act out:

  1. Line 47-82
  2. Line 121-160
  3. Line 161-200
  4. Line 210-240
  5. Line 241-272
  6. Line 318-339
  7. Line 340-370
  8. Line 371-401
  9. Line 402-420
  10. Line 470-499
  11. Line 500-531
  12. Line 532-End

6th Graders – We will be reading “All Summer in a Day” in our class. This is not in our online book, so we will find it here: Summer In a Day/story.htm

We will watch the video and compare and contrast the two media on Edmodo.


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