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A Delicious Wrap!

Students, today we will be wrapping up the week with a mouth-watering helping of drama!

  1. Complete presentation of “The Hitchhiker”
  2. Compare and Contrast assignment on Edmodo
  3. Present Dust Mites on screen
  4. Blog Post #4 Graded and start Blog Post #5
  5. FCAT Explorer Passwords
  6. Does there need to be anything else?

6th Graders – We will be wrapping up our “All Summer in a Day” activity by learning more about living in space.

  1. In your online textbook, read pg. 74 – copy the chart (not the answers) in your composition book
  2. Reading pg. 75-80
  3. Fill in your chart with different text features from the two stories
  4. Scavenger hunt – go here:
    and show your score to me when you are finished
  5. Complete blog post #3


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