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Anchors Aweigh!

UPDATE 2/19/2013 – Look at the “Essay Writing” tab above to find your new essay prompt.

Greetings everybody! Today we are going to start refining our essays. Most of you seem to grasp the concept of the essay itself, but we need to work on adding things like

  • sentence variety
  • FIRE details
  • transitions
  • strong intro and conclusion

So we will be looking at some “Anchor Papers” provided by the state. These are papers that students your age wrote in the past, and you can see the kind of score they received. Compare this to your writing, and you will see where you need improvement. Let’s go to the anchors:

“The grade 8 persuasive prompt directed the student to convince the principal whether or not 8th grade students should be graded on how they behave in school.”

Click here to look at the anchor set:

If you can’t open that file, go to this link:


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