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Do you give a Hoot?

UPDATED 10/24/12 Students, today we will be starting our novel Hoot by Carl Hiaasen. We will be using the novel to work through FCAT benchmarks and to become more environmentally conscious. We will have a project that goes along with this novel as well. For the project you will need: Poster board Scissors Glue stick … Continue reading

It’s a Mystery!

Students, today we will be reading another in our mystery series. Actually, both sixth and eighth grade alike should enjoy this tale. It comes from a local writer named Carl Hiaasen, and it even features a movie at the end if we are really good about our reading assignments! So, let’s get things started with … Continue reading

Trash or Treasure Part 2

Students, today we will continue what we started yesterday. Turn in Wattpad “Fail Party” Story and Blog Post #2 Complete Web on pg. 62 – write it in your composition book Read pg. 63 Read “Clean Sweep” on page 64 in your online book Complete Edmodo assignment for “Clean Sweep” 6th Graders: (Same as Yesterday) … Continue reading

Trash or Treasure?

Show Blog Post #2 Show Wattpad fiction assignment Complete Trash or Treasure web on page 62 in your online textbook – write this in your Composition Book Read about Conflict and Context Clues on pg. 63 Reading “Clean Sweep” on pg. 64-72 Answer questions on Edmodo – you can answer them directly on the page … Continue reading

9/11 Memorial

Students, today, 9/12/2012, you will finish up with this assignment from yesterday. You must have at LEAST 5 authors (your classmates) including yourself. Also, remember that the Edmodo Scavenger Hunt was extended until Friday 9/14! Students, today you will make your own memorial for September 11. This can be shared with your family and friends. … Continue reading

Welcome to the Paper-Free Class Experiment!

Hello students! This year we are going to try an experiment to see how much of our classwork we can do without traditional classroom tools. We are going to use technology as much as possible. This will require a great deal of effort, discipline, and adjustment on your part to make it work. We are … Continue reading