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Let’s Get Anchored!

Greetings, students! We are going to dive head-first into essay writing. You will be responsible for planning, writing, and submitting your essay in two ways. You will maintain a writing portfolio (class folder) and submit essays to Edmodo and via Classzone Essay Smart. To achieve a high score, you must plan your essay, have focus, … Continue reading

Let’s Get Authorized!

And by that I mean we are going to be studying three authors in preparation for our field trip next week to the Miami Book Fair International! You will find you assignment on Edmodo, but here it is reprinted for your convenience: You will do an author study about EACH of the following authors: Michael … Continue reading

Let’s Get Exploring!

Students, we are going to start Exploring for FCAT! Go to and choose the correct grade level. You should have received your passwords last week, but if not, they are listed in the folder on the bulletin board labeled “passwords”! You will be graded on FCAT Explorer completion and accuracy when I return on … Continue reading

Let’s Get Connected!

Welcome back students, by now most classes have been working on their project to go with the story “Clean Sweep”, so we are going to get signed on to Edmodo today to turn in these assignments. Go to and sign up as a new user if you do not already have an account. Then, … Continue reading

Let’s get it started!

Welcome back everyone! The first couple of weeks of school have been hectic. I would like to start incorporating our website back into the class now, so have a look around. Your first assignment is to visit the link above for classroom rules. You must comment with your first name only and your class period … Continue reading


Well, not really the end. The end of the school year for sure! I have really enjoyed this year, experimenting with technology in the classroom and learning a lot of new things with my students. It has been interesting to see what works and what doesn’t. If all goes well, we will be starting all … Continue reading


Students, in the 8th grade we have been learning about Anne Frank and the Holocaust. Today, we are watching a film called “Anne Frank: A Legacy for Our Time”. Think about how this film gives you a different perspective on Anne Frank’s life from the Diary. Think about how this film affects your feelings about … Continue reading

It’s… the Final Countdown!

Students, we have FCAT starting next week. This is it! Sadly, I know none of you has the faintest idea what that music is for in today’s featured image, but I couldn’t resist. 200 imaginary bonus points for anyone who explains it to me! Well, let’s get started. Today we will check over our margin … Continue reading

What’s the Purpose?

Students, today we will be looking into the author’s purpose. The image above tells that author’s purpose can be Persuade, Inform, Entertain; but there are other purposes. For example, an author can write to “share a personal experience”. We are going to watch a short video on author’s purpose which goes through some of the … Continue reading

Poems, Everybody!

Okay, well maybe not the kind of poem featured above. Today we will be reading two poems about advice. Complete the following: Read and complete the notebook on pg. 105 in your group Discuss Imagery and Figurative Language pg. 106 Read in your Group – Speech to the Young and Mother to Son pg. 107-108 … Continue reading