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Students, in the 8th grade we have been learning about Anne Frank and the Holocaust. Today, we are watching a film called “Anne Frank: A Legacy for Our Time”. Think about how this film gives you a different perspective on Anne Frank’s life from the Diary. Think about how this film affects your feelings about … Continue reading

Ready, set, go!

Students, we have just four weeks left for this school year! We will be wrapping up our activities online, using our literature book to read the Diary of Anne Frank (and other stories in 6th and 7th grade classes), and reflecting on our year using technology in the classroom. For today’s activity, we will Complete … Continue reading

Evernote Portfolio Time!

Students, today we will start working on your online portfolio! You will need to get yourself an Evernote account, and you can even get the app for your iPhone, iPod, or Android phone! Stop by our class Evernote page to see ideas for what you should have in your portfolio. Remember, you can use Evernote … Continue reading

What’s the Purpose?

Students, today we will be looking into the author’s purpose. The image above tells that author’s purpose can be Persuade, Inform, Entertain; but there are other purposes. For example, an author can write to “share a personal experience”. We are going to watch a short video on author’s purpose which goes through some of the … Continue reading

Getting the Main Idea…

Good day, students! We will be moving into the Main Idea portion of our FCAT preparation. Here is the Common Core Benchmark: CCSS.ELA-Literacy.RI.8.2 Determine a central idea of a text and analyze its development over the course of the text, including its relationship to supporting ideas; provide an objective summary of the text. We will … Continue reading

Poems, Everybody!

Okay, well maybe not the kind of poem featured above. Today we will be reading two poems about advice. Complete the following: Read and complete the notebook on pg. 105 in your group Discuss Imagery and Figurative Language pg. 106 Read in your Group – Speech to the Young and Mother to Son pg. 107-108 … Continue reading

Very Superstitious…

Hello students! Today we are going to be talking about superstition and working on our FCAT Benchmarks. You will be wrapping up your work on Text Features and beginning on Benchmark L.A. Locate and analyze elements of characterization, setting, and plot, including rising action, conflict, resolution, theme, and other literary elements as appropriate in a … Continue reading

Now Featuring…

So why do students have such a problem with the benchmark concerning “Text Features”? Well, we are going to work on that a bit this week. Read in your groups – Workbook pg. 48-53 Answer all the margin questions in your Composition Notebook Take a Socrative Quiz on the two stories Complete Study Island activities … Continue reading

Do the Write Thing!

Students, we know you have done a lot of writing recently, but here’s one more thing to work on. We are going to pick a winner to be submitted to the “Do the Write Thing” challenge, so you will be working on your entries today. The deadline is March 8, so don’t waste time. See … Continue reading

Down to the (Common) Core

Good day students! Today and the rest of this week we will be starting to explore the Common Core Curriculum in more detail. Today in particular we will be looking at one of the older FCAT standards – Identify Organization of Ideas (L.A. – In the Interactive Reader and Writer, you will be working in … Continue reading